Interview with: Rachel Jarrot


Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to have a chat with Rachel Jarrot, a peer from my Journalism class. Originally from La Quinta, California, Rachel came to Boulder. Being raised in a desert area surrounded by mountains, she wanted to go somewhere different. Rachel has some family who lives in Colorado, and “was a good 60% of why I wanted to come here.” Upon arriving, Rachel soon realized that by coming to Boulder to move out of her comfort zone, she had once again surrounded herself with mountains.

Before all of that occurred, she was the captain of her swim team and water polo team at La Quinta High School. Every morning, she would have to sing a short jingle over the intercom system, advertising a school karaoke event. She was also an avid dancer and softball player, and she loves the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Rachel is an aspiring film student, with a love for romantic comedies and an enjoyment of documentaries and horror movies. She plans on attending a College in Los Angeles starting in the fall, so as to get right into the middle of the film industry. Her current plans for the future after college include moving to New York, finding a Starbucks to visit every day and meeting her own “Chuck Bass.”


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